Deuce (also known as "Tha Produca") is the pseudonym of the American singer, songwriter, musician and producer Aron Erlichman. He is no longer with Hollywood Undead because George Ragan ( JT3) and Jorel Decker( J-Dog) kicked him out of it even though he was the founder. contrary to popular belief and a JT3 said Deuce did not leave the band. He is currently working alone and with a group called 9 Live. He is Releasing his album in April 2011. The album will include GML, Truth, Jeffery Star, Marc Bossman and Arina Chloe. the name or exact date of the album has not been released yet. His other names include Big Deuce, Whiz Kid, Tha Produca. He is currently signed to 10th street entertainment
Deuce just made me this way say Charlie scene... the really isnt an example that i can give other that he is way better than Danny the new main singer 4 HU.
by Deuce Nation April 13, 2011
Top Definition
when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing "peace" when leaving an establishment, "deuces" is often said.
roscoe: ite, shan'quenetta see y'all tomorrow.
shan'quenetta: ite, deuces!*holds two fingers up*
by choozyoozy April 05, 2003
When you flip that middle finger, and that index finger follows. Giving the "peace out" when you're done with a person...physically, mentally or spiritually.
My girl always be on some B.S. so I had to give her the deuces.
by Coop of Exquisite July 25, 2010
(verb) to shit; (noun) shit; (past tense) shitted or shat
(verb) Man, I gotta deuce bad.
(noun) You should have seen that deuce I dropped. It was man-sized.
(past tense) I just deuced, and it be stinkin' up the joint.

by ricky roma September 24, 2003
Deuce = Number 2
Do the math people.
I'm gonna drop a deuce in your mouth.
by Shamen September 02, 2003
later, goodbye. derived from peace, or peace out, as in throwing two fingers up when leaving.

see also: chunk the deuce, chunk, and chunk deuce
I'm out, deuce.
by basebasebase January 17, 2004
1.slang for the number 2
2.feces exclamation, popularized by cartoon character Stewie Griffin from popular TV series "Family Guy"
4.a 2 in poker lingo
"I'm goign to drop a deuce in your toilet, OK?"

"What the deuce?!"

"I got a pair of deuces."
by Squishmanchu February 25, 2006
1. way of saying bye or peace

2. on a long 100 cigarette, the way of asking for the last few drags (less than asking for a short)
1. A; dude i gotta go
B; ight deuces

2. A; lemme get shorts on that square
B; its my last one
A; at least let me get deuces then
by bubbleeeeee September 03, 2008
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