A member of the band Hollywood Undead, he does higher vocals and plays guitar. He is also know as Tha Producer. He was one one of the first members of the band, which he created with former member, Shady Jeff.
There are six current members of HU J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears, Funny Man, Deuce, and Da Kurlzz.
by Drannicus April 13, 2010
A fat chick, usually weighing over 200 lbs.
"I think I saw Tom leave with that deuce"
by Nitsud420 May 17, 2007
2 ounces of promethazine cough syrup aka purple drank, lean, texas tea, purp, and many others.
Yo man pour up deuce and mix it up with that sprite.
by M. Markovich November 07, 2005
when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing "peace" when leaving FCC Brackenville.
On my last day of work I left the facility yelling "DEUCES!"
by SUZIE Q March 19, 2013
1. the act of excreting fecal matter from the anus.

2. the number 2.

pl. deuces.
1. the act of excreting fecal matter from the anus multiple times

2. a peace sign held up by the index and middle fingers. commonly used by teenage girls
Dude I just took a massive deuce!

I just rolled a deuce!

Man i have taken a couple deuces today.

Deuces bff!!!!
by Alex Hermann December 09, 2010
noun, a female of sub-par attractiveness.
a honey that's ugly.
yo check out that dime standing next to that deuce
by amo stylez November 14, 2010
1. in playing cards, a two (eg "deuce of spades")
2. shit (ie #2)
3. a 2-year prison sentence
So I got sentencd to a deuce(3), was dropping a deuce(2), and I was using the time wisely in remarking the deuces(1) in my poker deck
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada July 08, 2009

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