Someone who believes that they are always right, no matter what. They posses an absurdly narcissistic view that in any conversation they always see the whole picture while no one else does, therefore they posses an inability to engage in rational, meaningful and open debate.

Never openly accept an invitation into discussion with these people, as circular conversation will ensue, and you will most likely end up feeling like a paddle ball, going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, ad infinitum.
"I don't bother saying anything unless I know what I'm saying is factually correct. If no one can offer me an outlook I haven't already considered, then no, there is no reason not to dismiss another's arguments. A Deuce is always right, no matter what other viewpoints are presented."
by qube808 June 12, 2009
Taking a #2, taking a shit
I ate a couple Crystal burgers and now I gotta drop a deuce!
by grtlf January 29, 2009
Best rapper alive.
There once was a kid named Deuce Who got sick and tired of being picked on So he got himself a nice 22 Click boom, now he's on the fuckin news
by Adamgo December 22, 2011
1. A playing card with two pips

2. Feces

3. A situation in tennis in which a player must score two consecutive points for victory in their respective games.

4. A person, usually male, who has built their entire existence around the sport they participate in. Their free time is spent training for their sport, browsing, searching "cool football catch" on, or watching their favorite sport on television. All their discourses involve sports in one way or another. Their preferred means of transportation is a Ford pick-up truck, the higher up in the F(150-650) scale the better. They usually have large egos, small minds, and a naturally disruptive disposition to others.

5. Two (in quantity)
1. His deuce of hearts beat my ace of spades.

2. Nobody enter the bathroom, Big Bob just dropped a huge deuce.

3. I hate deuces in Wii Tennis.

4. The school weight room was full of deuces and the parking lot full of Ford pick-ups.

5. The score was deuce to zip.
by Chadbrochill211 April 28, 2010
A solo Rapcore / Raprock singer from Los Angeles, California. Formerly in Hollywood Undead. Kicked out the band after claiming full ownership of the band's first album and wasting money on his own benefits.

Generally a arguing point among fans, and when said, is used as a generic insult, implying they are selfish and hated.

The word originated after band members abbrieviated their names, was originally 'Tha Producer'.
"you're such a Deuce"

"don't be like Deuce"
by Gng October 08, 2013
The combination of a blunt and a joint. The joint paper is first licked on the adhesive strip (the gum/glue) and is then placed inside of the hollowed blunt (cigar). The marijuana is then evenly distributed throughout the blunt, packed tightly, and then rolled perfectly round (pearling). It will taste better and burn slower than a blunt, canoes less than a joint or blunt, and will hit you pretty hard. Works best with flavored papers. Filters can be used in it too.
Bro that deuce got me so ripped! We have to smoke those more often lol
by Professional Pothead March 26, 2012
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