1)A 1932 Ford, usually a coupe or roadster.
2)A vintage full-size luxury car, the Buick Electra 225, a.k.a. deuce-an'-a-quarter.
3)Two dollars worth of something, usually drugs (very hard to find these days).
1)Man, dat deuce is some rod!
2)Man, dat deuce is some ride!
3)Man, I wouldn't give ya a deuce fr dat deuce!
by daDebil February 21, 2004
A slang term used by law enforcement when refering to a drunk driver.
"I got a deuce last night, the fucker pissed himself on the way to lockup."

"I'm following this lady who'd deuced up all over the road."
by Wendell Durshder April 24, 2005
A great rapper and singer who is currently a member of the music group called Nine Lives. Now he does solo songs and some collaborations with other artists like Kinda Major and The Truth.
He is also a former member of Hollywood Undead where he sang the choruses in their first album Swan Songs and their DVD Desperate Measures.
his solo song "Deuce dot com":

Don't Stop
What's my name girl, what's my name girl? (Deuce! )
Don't Stop,
Shake that thang girl, shake that thang!

We can ride if you wanna ride, later
We can dance if you wanna dance, baby
I don't care if you gotta man, save me
Keep standin' by my side,
'Cause you know you're mine!

Hollywood Undead's song "No. 5"
'And all the kids in the hood
come on wave and shake your hands,
Hollywood we'll never go down
When your drunk shake that ass
like you know how to dance. Hollywood we'll never go down'
by zaxelin September 04, 2011
Someone who believes that they are always right, no matter what. They posses an absurdly narcissistic view that in any conversation they always see the whole picture while no one else does, therefore they posses an inability to engage in rational, meaningful and open debate.

Never openly accept an invitation into discussion with these people, as circular conversation will ensue, and you will most likely end up feeling like a paddle ball, going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, ad infinitum.
"I don't bother saying anything unless I know what I'm saying is factually correct. If no one can offer me an outlook I haven't already considered, then no, there is no reason not to dismiss another's arguments. A Deuce is always right, no matter what other viewpoints are presented."
by qube808 June 12, 2009
Deuce is a 50's slang term for any of the Ford Model B vehicles and most commonly used as a nickname for the 1934 coupe. Many know it best from the Beach Boys' 1963 hit Little Deuce Coupe but the car was also featured years later in George Lucas' film American Graffiti.
Ever wonder what Bruce Springsteen meant when he referred to a "deuce" in his hit song Blinded by the Light?
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006
1. Regarding two people, normally close friends or brothers, who are considered extreme badasses. Often hated on by other males, but always respected.

2. A man who excels at almost everything he does, but is also an excessive womanizer, hence the hatred of other men.

3. A man who makes Bruce Lee bow to his knees, and Chuck Norris weep for redemption.
Man1: Dude look at those two punkass fuckers
Man2: bro hold on dont look at them
Man1: why not?
Man2: They're deuces
Man1: (bows head in hate and respect)....Fucking deuces
by Derben March 09, 2012
Taking a #2, taking a shit
I ate a couple Crystal burgers and now I gotta drop a deuce!
by grtlf January 29, 2009

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