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"Deuce" (derived from the French word for 2 deux) also know as the second finger to the right or left of your index finger. "Chuck my deuce up" is an action of the middle finger being raised up in an expression of "Fuck you".
I'll just chuck up my Deuce and tell him to fuck off
by Hollaatchew March 07, 2011
Intercourse and oral sex.
Like the KISS song says, "Your man is working hard, he's worth a deuce!"
by Smitty3 August 30, 2007
when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing "peace" when leaving FCC Brackenville.
On my last day of work I left the facility yelling "DEUCES!"
by SUZIE Q March 19, 2013
A great rapper and singer who is currently a member of the music group called Nine Lives. Now he does solo songs and some collaborations with other artists like Kinda Major and The Truth.
He is also a former member of Hollywood Undead where he sang the choruses in their first album Swan Songs and their DVD Desperate Measures.
his solo song "Deuce dot com":

Don't Stop
What's my name girl, what's my name girl? (Deuce! )
Don't Stop,
Shake that thang girl, shake that thang!

We can ride if you wanna ride, later
We can dance if you wanna dance, baby
I don't care if you gotta man, save me
Keep standin' by my side,
'Cause you know you're mine!

Hollywood Undead's song "No. 5"
'And all the kids in the hood
come on wave and shake your hands,
Hollywood we'll never go down
When your drunk shake that ass
like you know how to dance. Hollywood we'll never go down'
by zaxelin September 04, 2011
Deuce (also known as "Tha Produca") is the pseudonym of the American singer, songwriter, musician and producer Aron Erlichman. He is no longer with Hollywood Undead because George Ragan ( JT3) and Jorel Decker( J-Dog) kicked him out of it even though he was the founder. contrary to popular belief and a JT3 said Deuce did not leave the band. He is currently working alone and with a group called 9 Live. He is Releasing his album in April 2011. The album will include GML, Truth, Jeffery Star, Marc Bossman and Arina Chloe. the name or exact date of the album has not been released yet. His other names include Big Deuce, Whiz Kid, Tha Produca. He is currently signed to 10th street entertainment
Deuce just made me this way say Charlie scene... the really isnt an example that i can give other that he is way better than Danny the new main singer 4 HU.
by Deuce Nation April 13, 2011
A slang term used by law enforcement when refering to a drunk driver.
"I got a deuce last night, the fucker pissed himself on the way to lockup."

"I'm following this lady who'd deuced up all over the road."
by Wendell Durshder April 24, 2005
1)A 1932 Ford, usually a coupe or roadster.
2)A vintage full-size luxury car, the Buick Electra 225, a.k.a. deuce-an'-a-quarter.
3)Two dollars worth of something, usually drugs (very hard to find these days).
1)Man, dat deuce is some rod!
2)Man, dat deuce is some ride!
3)Man, I wouldn't give ya a deuce fr dat deuce!
by daDebil February 21, 2004