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same as aight, okay, that's cool, etc.
That's ite, I'll catch ya later.
by re July 01, 2003
A greeting, and a reply to that greeting.

Comes from 'alright'

As in 'Are you Alight?' 'Yeah, I'm alright'

Gets shortened to 'Ite?' 'Ite.'
Bill Bailey at the start of every show he does: 'Ite'
by Idlevice February 28, 2005
-slang for alright
-affirmative response to a question
Person 1 - "Where are we going tonight?"
Person 2 - "Monday's."
Person 1 - "Ite."
by Cromwell Jorguenson April 12, 2005
acronym for In This Economy, referring to the economic crisis of 2008-09.
ITE breaking even is the new profitability.
by Word Hound May 29, 2009
1. the heights
2. a greeting
3. the color red (1) great (2)
4. another word for irie. Or you use it to mean "OK" as in when someone asks you to do something
for you, you would reply, "Ites."
Rasta #1: Pass the dutchie pon di left-and side.
Rasta #2: ites mi bredren.

Rasta#1: "Getcho rhatid raggamuffin batty out of di guttah and up to di ites witcha bredren."
Rasta #2: "An a jus Lass nite mi dideh."
by Heroic Flow June 06, 2007
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