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(verb) to get "Tunisia": to inspire a serious and successful protest against a government or business power that is violating or attempting to violate human or civil rights.
This Wisconsin governor is really pissing me off with his anti-union legislation. We should get together all the teachers across America via Facebook and get TUNISIA on his ass!
"Wikileaks Revolution" redirects here
The Tunisian revolution is an intensive campaign of civil resistance, including a series of street demonstrations taking place in Tunisia. The events began in December 2010 and led to the ousting of longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011. Street demonstrations and other unrest have continued to the present day.

The protests inspired similar actions throughout the Arab world; the Egyptian revolution began after the events in Tunisia and also led to the ousting of Egypt's longtime president Hosni Mubarak; furthermore, uprisings in Bahrain, Syria and Yemen and major protests have also taken place in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Israel's borders, Iraq, Mauritania and also Libya - where a full-scale revolution has broken out - as well as elsewhere in the wider North Africa and Middle East.
by Alfmrad July 29, 2011
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tunisia is a nation that actually has a pretty grand history, as a powerful outpost during the reigns of the greek, roman, and ottoman empires. the french eventually took over, the place is most famous for the wwii battles fought here. currently, its a single party state that actually has some wealth in the coastal cities, espcially due to oil. in the interior, the famous nomadic berbers still live.
movies producers that want to film deserts scenes often shoot in tunisia.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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