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a manchester down-low word for weed(cannabis)
(in a pub)who we bellin for a denk?
by badman February 12, 2004
A racist term for small ginger danish people, denks are usually gay and have pink air maxes.
Look at Tom over there, he's such a denk!
by Felixthecat69 April 20, 2013
Anything that is nasty and dirty.
Bob: hey joe, did you see ray allen's shot last night?
Joe: naw man but i heard it was DENK
by Taioshi January 01, 2012
One who consumes cock for breakfast
"That denk's favorite cereal is Sugar Frosted Cocks."
by Fc May 23, 2003
any word that you want it to be
I gotta take a huge denk (shit)

Dude you danked that table (jumped)
by Joel V. and Zach S. July 19, 2008
A mispronunciation of the word dank
Billy: "That video was pretty denk dude"
Mason: "It's dank you idiot"
by Dengo June 28, 2015
A person who is completely socially inept but is at least aware of it. An uncool nerd.
Did you enjoy the club last night?
No, felt like a denk.
by fidocancan November 23, 2006
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