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1.To be decked out in shiny and sparkling jewelry.
2.To have parts of one’s hair lightened, typically the tips. Similar to highlights.
3.To be high on stimulants.
4.To be angry.
5.To have a white glaze over, such as frosted glass or frosted donuts.
1. Alexandria sure looks frosted to night with all those sparkling diamonds.
2. Pat looks as if he got his hair frosted.
3. John is getting himself frosted on drugs.
4. Howard became frosted at the site of his wrecked car.
6. You can't see clearly though frosted glass.
by OneBadAsp October 23, 2006
to be high on cocaine
Guy 1: Hey man i just got done snorting some yay
Guy 2: Damn you must be frosted
by Tha Sno Man January 28, 2008
noun. Means to be stoned or baked. Comes from the glazed-over appearance that most who are stoned portray.
The crowd at Denny's at 2am on a Saturday morning is usually pretty frosted.
by TransMayernik November 29, 2005
To ejaculate on a womans face.

The whiteness on her face looks like she has frost on it.

..also known as glazing
That was the best bukkake I have ever seen, that girl was totally frosted after it
by The Main Burger July 06, 2005
being intoxicated and/or high

even better while dancing with a strobe light on..

main source:4lokos
person 1: yoo are you drunk yet?
person 2:hell yeah im fucking frosted!!
by thethrill917 December 05, 2010
Generally used as another term for being extremely high.

Commonly a reference to being high on cocaine, which is known as "snow".

In Florida area is a prevalent reference to being so high on crypy that the brain feels frozen stupid.
I twisted up a game, sprinkled on some powder, I'm bout to get frosted.

On sambuca day, I turn up to skrillex , a cup of 'buca and get straight frosted.
by Phmns52 October 27, 2013
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