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3 definitions by fidocancan

Someone who is wise to psycho-social dynamics. A cool psychologist-philosopher who is familiar with the workings of their own mind sufficient to provide insight into others.
When my father was a kid, he wanted to be a train-driver. When I was a kid I wanted to be a pop-star. My son... he wants to be a loopguru, whatever that is!
by fidocancan November 23, 2006
The female equivalent to the male slur of 'cock'. May refer to women who are excessively bitchy, use emotional blackmail, and overtly sexual.
She is such a pude. I can't get two words in. She needs a leash.
by fidocancan November 23, 2006
A person who is completely socially inept but is at least aware of it. An uncool nerd.
Did you enjoy the club last night?
No, felt like a denk.
by fidocancan November 23, 2006