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A mob rule system of government. Inevitably fails.

Has major differences to a representative form of government.
In Democracy every man has a vote but does not work on large scales. Generally leads to chaos due to lack of organization and the pure anarchy due to the lack of rule of law.

In contrast, the federalized republic is a large scale Democratic system that is made up of many people's representatives elected by popular vote.
by American June 03, 2003
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Communism to the extreme.
Ivana: Yo man, I used my democratic rights today cause I live in the United States: a true democracy...
Beejay: Communist!
by Nega God March 19, 2009
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What Americans and some other european nations think they have. What America actually has is a representative republic, where the people have to choose between 2 candidates (the others dont really matter, and no one ever votes for the green party) A democracy is where a nation is ruled by its people, rather than one person who gets into power using lies and then doesn't listen to public opinion. What a good government would be is that someone is voted into power, and all major decisions put forward by the government are voted on by the public. The person in power has the ultimate decision, unless there is a big majority vote against him/her i.e. more than 60%
Since my vote doesn't count, i'm voting for The Monster Raving Looney party.
by Count Vladimir Varkovsky April 14, 2004
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An electoral type of government in which the person who has the majority of the popular vote takes office.
The united states is becoming an oligarchy although it professes to be a democracy.
by easy e February 03, 2003
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A system within which fairness and merit is despensed with in favour of empowering idiots.

As Plato pointed out - the people do not always know best, even what is best for them (in the same way a small child doesn't!)

Current democracies feature governments with the support of a minority of the population and a bias towards those who form the majority and so therefore have their every whim pandered to on the basis that it wins votes.
Tony Blair's slightly less than popular government.

The UK system of doling out benefits to those too lazy to work, but who still vote.

by !!Jesus!! November 08, 2005
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A form of government which looks good on paper, but in practice, really sucks.
Ha! You say democracy like its a good thing!
by Jackie, IQ 140 September 11, 2005
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In Malaysia, it is just a memory. During the General Election 13, a corrupt political party maintained its reigns of power. This done through means of importing foreigners with immediate citizenship, phantom voters - the dead still talk and etc.
What is Democracy? I don't know, we live in Malaysia.
by TheSecret May 05, 2013
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n. - a government in which the people elect their dictators.
In this democracy, we must make petitions to stop our politicians from inacting crazy laws.
by mugree December 03, 2011
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