The notion that millions who cannot order their own lives properly are somehow still at least minimally qualified to participate in the ordering of the lives of millions.
Often heard in a democracy: "Hey, where are we going? And what's with this handbasket?"
by Ambrose September 21, 2005
Somthing one country does to another when it wants something.
America needed some stable oil reserves so it brought democracy to Iraq.
by GuestBob February 24, 2005
A form of government in which all citizens vote on issues that face the nation. The first true democracy was in the Greek isles. Though they where a strong nation they where easily defeated by the Romen empire because they where spread apart and information traveled slowly.
A true democracy couldnt work in the past because of the slow travel of information, but in the present day the internet could be used.

PLEASE NOTE: The United States Of America is not a Democracy, it is a Republic.
Ancient Greece was a Democracy.

The United States is not a Democracy, it is a Republic like ancient Rome.
by Ice Cold Anarchy January 19, 2006
Tyranny by morons.
Moron: I love democracy!
Intellectual: So, you like a form of government where retards have the final say?
Moron: Damn straight!
by Vestros August 15, 2014
Democracy is where any two idiots can vote out a genius.
George Bush was elected for a second term over Kerry
by Monica April 09, 2005
(in britain) Form of government in which only the views of minorities are considered valid. The majority opinion is disregarded as inherently prejudiced.
Fox hunting, asylum, "Tony Martin's Law", the Euro and many, many more...
by Walkin Dude January 27, 2004
Great governmental system, doomed to fail once the masses figure out that with their vote they can loot the treasury.
Alex D'Toqueville, some Frog who toured and chronicled America, pointed out about 180 years ago the fatal flaw of democracy.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003

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