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a seller of "blue peter" style lie-detectors,
a tin-can recycler of the worst kind,
a failed sci-fi writer (per the critics),
a successful sci-fi writer (per his bank manager),
a dopey dead dude.
I am totally bankrupt, she blubbered,
For the cash that I kept in the cupboard,
Was sent to the stars
by some men in flash cars
Who were trained by the late L. Ron Hubbard.
by Patrick_not_a_username June 13, 2006
Someone who you never heard of 5 years ago and who nobody younger will have heard of 5 years from now.
"I am so old, I can remember when Robin Hood was a celeb."

"When I grow up, I want to stop being a celeb."
by Patrick_not_a_username June 13, 2006

Democracy: from the Greek 'demos', people and 'kratos', power:

1: A system of government in which an entire national population is totally deprived of power by a few worthless bits of paper with Xs on them.

2: Totalitarianism with some eye-candy.
Democracy, you either hate it or loath it.

In a democracy, you get to vote for everything except whether or not you want to live in a democracy.

Moderator: "I'm not accepting the use of the word $%*£$*** on FreeSpeech4Awl. Don't argue, it's not a democracy!"
by Patrick_not_a_username June 13, 2006
blankaplank: to blank a plank,

To totally ignore someone who is being extremely stupid.
Policeman (to driver): why are you ignoring me?"
Driver (to passenger): Isn't it fun playing blankaplank?"
by Patrick_not_a_username June 14, 2006

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