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something that has never happened anywhere, ever, to anyone, at all.
"Excuse me darling, now that we have achieved maturity and entered a sexual relationship, let us perform that rainbow kiss we heard about in school."

"erm, no, I don't think we should actually."
by Clayton July 14, 2003
Someone who scuffs your sneakers and does not appologize.
some trick ass mark dun stepped on my sneakers and poured Morton salt all o'r dem
by Clayton October 18, 2004
The action of stealing items usually in a time of mass hysteria or panic. See loot as well.
Being typical negros, Tyrone and Faquisha insisted upon looting Nike sneakers and pants instead of food and water in New Orleans.
by Clayton September 05, 2005
Extremely black and ghetto name, usually used in a stereotypical context
These damn Faquishas come onto my damn subway car and yell at one another and call it a conversation. Must be some kind of jungle technique.
by Clayton April 16, 2004
iridescent, like mother-of pearl. Of or pertaining to nacre.
Golly, what a nacreous brooch you're wearing
by clayton July 30, 2003
Possibly the skankiest kid ever. His dad's a fucking hippy that meets other dirty liberal douches to protest. He wears the exact same clothes as his brothers and he thinks he's better than everyone else.

To show up at someone's house, completely unwanted and just to rot their for hours on end, boring them to death while making the house smell like a fucking sewage treatment plant.
Where's that dirty sphect kid?
by clayton August 09, 2004
Have I had sex recently? Why yes, I romped in the pink playground just yesterday!
by Clayton November 08, 2004

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