n. - a government in which the people elect their dictators.
In this democracy, we must make petitions to stop our politicians from inacting crazy laws.
by mugree December 03, 2011
The term "democracy" derives from ancient Greek: "Demos" means the mob (of citizens) + "Kratos" meaning ruler(ship), i.e., government. Therefore Demo + cracy = Mob Rule.

We are NOT ruled by the mob; we are ruled by the Media. Therefore we are a Mediocracy.
In a Democracy, rulers are chosen by the mob, according to their promises to do whatever the mob thinks it wants. Before taking office, they must first take an oath to only do what everyone wants and never to do anything that everyone does not want. This is called the Oath of Office. Because not everyone wants the same thing, the ruler in a true Democracy can never actually do anything because everyone cannot agree on anything. But in a Mediocracy that pretends to be a Democracy, the Media constantly criticizes the ruler for doing everything, anything, and nothing, because the mob cannot agree on anything and must be told everything that they must disagree with, so that they may continue to disagree with everything as the Media so directs in order to remain in power.

Individuals in Media who are chosen by others in the Media to rule over US, before taking office, must first be sworn in, whereby they swear never to do anything that exceeds Mediocre. This is called the Oath of Mediocrity. Thereafter nothing of actual value may ever be permitted.
by C. Ed Wright September 27, 2010
(taken from the song "One" by Metallica)
What is Democracy?
answer-It has somthing to do with young men killing eachother.
Democracy brought our country to the horrible state of confusion and seperation as it is today
by Kyla Kontagious April 06, 2008
1. Form of government supposedly originating in classical Athens. The term is derived from the Greek words demos (people) and kratein (rule). Even in ancient Athens the "people" excluded women and slaves.

2. Government "of the people, by the people and for the people", to quote Abraham Lincoln.

3. In the present world, whatever suits those controlling the United States military.
Sometimes, son, it's unfortunately necessary to liquidate a coupla million gooks to bring them democracy, McDonald's and all that stuff. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.
by Fearman November 21, 2007
Apolitical system that only rich people can afford
IBM is very democratic
by Paul December 25, 2003
A totalitarian dictatorship of the masses by the state. In a Democracy, the masses are manipulated and brainwashed and tricked into believing they are free by the state-funded media and education system. The masses are also tricked into degenerating and destroying themselves. They are deceived into believing that real change can be achieved with political parties. However, the real agenda with political parties is to divide and conquer (Left-wing and Right-wing) and break up a nation. Individuality and independent thinking are discouraged. Injustice and Anarchy are encouraged.

All of the Western world countries in the 21st Century today, as well as other countries, are enslaved under this very totalitarian regime called Democracy. So, reader, let me ask you a question: you think that Democracy means freedom? You are wrong. Democracy is the very system that Fascism is portrayed to be, in the state-funded textbooks. It is the first step towards Tyrannical dictatorship.

Freedom is only advertised, and repeated over and over, to deceive the citizens from ever rebelling against the Democracy; thus further being enslaved.
According to Greek philosopher Plato, in his book The Republic, Democracy is the first step towards Tyranny. (totalitarian dictatorship)

Part III: Decline of the Polis

VIII.1—VIII.5. 543a—550c. Timocracy

VIII.6—VIII.9. 550c—555b. Oligarchy

VIII.10—VIII.13. 555b—562a. Democracy

VIII.14—IX.3. 562a—576b. Tyranny

Just like America, the Roman Empire was formerly a Republic. With elected officials and citizen rights protected from the government. Could it be that the reason the Roman Empire broke up, was because of the installation of Democracy? Many would say that a Republic and Democracy are the same thing. However, this is not true. It is a complete contradiction. They are systems that are completely the opposite of each other.

The problem with Democracy is, it is not entirely malignant enough to fail a country on it's own. The only way is if the leaders of that country, purposefully self-destructed the Systematic Empire and the Central Bank. (And for all you pseudo-intellectuals out there, don't tell me some Romans did this on purpose.)

I'll tell you what happened to the Roman Empire: a foreign group, most likely Jews, pretended to be white Romans, hijacked the Senate and State, and Central Bank, turned the nation into a Democracy, and bled the system dry, divided the Empire (as well as the rest of Europe) till the Roman Empire collapsed. And this is the very same thing that will happen to America.
by Kongamuse September 03, 2013
Kind of the same thing as your definition needing approval on Urban Dictionary. Usually the people who vote are ordinary and don't have a mind of their own. Not to be confused with Independance..
This guy looks too original and not like everyone else. By power of my democracy, I vote NO. He's a witch,Burn him!!!(They are biased and hypocritical, cause they stick up for their own and belittle others)
by Isshinryuboi77 February 10, 2013

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