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Democracy: from the Greek 'demos', people and 'kratos', power:

1: A system of government in which an entire national population is totally deprived of power by a few worthless bits of paper with Xs on them.

2: Totalitarianism with some eye-candy.
Democracy, you either hate it or loath it.

In a democracy, you get to vote for everything except whether or not you want to live in a democracy.

Moderator: "I'm not accepting the use of the word $%*£$*** on FreeSpeech4Awl. Don't argue, it's not a democracy!"
by Patrick_not_a_username June 13, 2006
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Apolitical system that only rich people can afford
IBM is very democratic
by Paul December 25, 2003
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A mob rule system of government. Inevitably fails.

Has major differences to a representative form of government.
In Democracy every man has a vote but does not work on large scales. Generally leads to chaos due to lack of organization and the pure anarchy due to the lack of rule of law.

In contrast, the federalized republic is a large scale Democratic system that is made up of many people's representatives elected by popular vote.
by American June 03, 2003
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A totalitarian dictatorship of the masses by the state. In a Democracy, the masses are manipulated and brainwashed and tricked into believing they are free by the state-funded media and education system. The masses are also tricked into degenerating and destroying themselves. They are deceived into believing that real change can be achieved with political parties. However, the real agenda with political parties is to divide and conquer (Left-wing and Right-wing) and break up a nation. Individuality and independent thinking are discouraged. Injustice and Anarchy are encouraged.

All of the Western world countries in the 21st Century today, as well as other countries, are enslaved under this very totalitarian regime called Democracy. So, reader, let me ask you a question: you think that Democracy means freedom? You are wrong. Democracy is the very system that Fascism is portrayed to be, in the state-funded textbooks. It is the first step towards Tyrannical dictatorship.

Freedom is only advertised, and repeated over and over, to deceive the citizens from ever rebelling against the Democracy; thus further being enslaved.
According to Greek philosopher Plato, in his book The Republic, Democracy is the first step towards Tyranny. (totalitarian dictatorship)

Part III: Decline of the Polis

VIII.1—VIII.5. 543a—550c. Timocracy

VIII.6—VIII.9. 550c—555b. Oligarchy

VIII.10—VIII.13. 555b—562a. Democracy

VIII.14—IX.3. 562a—576b. Tyranny

Just like America, the Roman Empire was formerly a Republic. With elected officials and citizen rights protected from the government. Could it be that the reason the Roman Empire broke up, was because of the installation of Democracy? Many would say that a Republic and Democracy are the same thing. However, this is not true. It is a complete contradiction. They are systems that are completely the opposite of each other.

The problem with Democracy is, it is not entirely malignant enough to fail a country on it's own. The only way is if the leaders of that country, purposefully self-destructed the Systematic Empire and the Central Bank. (And for all you pseudo-intellectuals out there, don't tell me some Romans did this on purpose.)

I'll tell you what happened to the Roman Empire: a foreign group, most likely Jews, pretended to be white Romans, hijacked the Senate and State, and Central Bank, turned the nation into a Democracy, and bled the system dry, divided the Empire (as well as the rest of Europe) till the Roman Empire collapsed. And this is the very same thing that will happen to America.
by Plato knew the truth September 03, 2013
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a rather silly word which, throughout time, has been used to refer to the ruling of a select elite over the people who have only the illusion of say in the nation
the United States
The Roman Republic
the ancient Greek City states (all of them)
Great Britain
every other country that declares itself a democracy
by rage_for_freedom March 19, 2009
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It got something to do with young men killing each other.
Man 1: Have you heard about the War in Iraq?
Man 2: Yeah, its full of Democracy!
by Ralbert M November 20, 2007
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A belief that your careless decision will be eventually covered up by other people.
With democracy, you don't have to hesitate!
by euske April 24, 2007
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