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1. A weapon of mass destruction introduce by George W. Bush in 2003
2. An excuse for war. (see oil )
You better hope there's no oil in your backyard, otherwise George W. Bush will bring democracy to your house.
by The Gunch Guild November 02, 2007
24 13
worship of jackals by jackasses
united states of america
by chino December 10, 2003
46 35
Fascism you can vote for.
How exactly does the President do more good then Hussein?
by Ken July 20, 2004
25 15
"A lullaby to sooth a troubled infant. "(Borges)
When Alexander of Macedon conquered and pillaged much of the known world over two thousand years ago, he claimed that he did so to spread 'democracy.'
by c l basile January 21, 2004
18 8
Democracy is a system of government that doesn't work and will probably fail altogether within the next few decades.
1. The majority of the electorate tend to be idiots who will elect an idiot.
2. The majority of the electorate tend to be selfish morons that would elect Hitler if he lowered their taxes.
3. Politicians use pathetic, small-minded catchphrases that mean very little, eg. 'hug a hoodie' or 'for the family.' Mr Idiot, the average voter, however, votes on the basis of these.
4. The rich and powerful form a better connected, private-school educated elite who are far more easily able to take office.
5. In America, leaders take ordinary words and add '-ism', 'mis-' so that Jimmy Redneck with his shotgun thinks that they're using 'big werds' and are therefore smart. Eg, 'they misunderestimated me'
6. In America and elsewhere, policy is over-rided by how bigger fan of 'Jeezus' or 'Gawd' a person is, forcing intelligent politicians to do lip-service to religion, and allowing fundamentalist scum to rise into office.
7. Politicians will always be able to whip up the masses to do their bidding at the expense of civil liberties by citing a common enemy, real or imagined. Eg. The war on terror.
Democracy in action;-
Politician;- 'I believe in the power of prayer, and not to defamilarise ourselves with the misinformation of terrorists. Family First!'
Jimmy Redneck;- Dang I'll vote for that guy, he's usin' thems big werds like an intellesuel, and he's got gawd on his side! Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwh!
by Niccolo Machiavelli December 02, 2007
18 9
A tyranny of the Majority over the Minority. The opposite of true liberty.
Democracy is 51% of the people voting to oppress the other 49%.

by Jimmy F. March 23, 2007
15 6
A system in which anyone is free to vote for whomever they want, at which point the winner of said election sells out to any number of whacko special interest groups including environmentalists, unions, and prisoners.
Democracy is great when it works; unfortunately, most politicians don't.
by The DON October 02, 2002
13 5