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adj. Ded is when you are dead from joy, hilarity, sexiness, or other great feelings as such.

There is a large difference between ded and dead. Do not confuse the two.

The verb form is 'deds' or 'dedded.'
I dedded when that hawt dude walked in the room. On top of it, his pants were tight.

I will deds if you do a cape twirl.
by Gerardoz! February 20, 2009
It means dead, only better.

It was made up by a genius, and is usually used in a situation where the speaker is not actually ded, but feels like they are, should be, or want to be ded.
Hannah: -ded-
Sarah: Why?
Hannah: Because I am ded.
Sarah: Why?
Hannah: -ded-
Sarah: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DED?! Dammit, now I'm ded.
Hannah: hahaha I made you ded.

Hot Guy: So I heard you have a crush on me?
Sarah: -ded-

Spanish teacher: *asks a long complicated question in Spanish*
Hannah: -ded-
by hai_bai October 31, 2010
Drunk erectile dysfunction
when your so drunk you can't even get a boner, no matter how turned on you are.
Guy#1- yo i heard u hooked up new years
Guy#2- ya dude but i had DED
Guy#1- awhhh thats shit bro was it awkward
Guy#2- Yesss :\
by parrotta94 January 06, 2011
Short for dedicator, a person who's life revolves around one particular thing, also known as dedication. The word is mainly directed towards "hardcore gamers".
Wow, I went into GameStop, everyone there was a major ded.
by xXxL3g1txXxQu1ckSc0pezzxXx November 30, 2011
The word ‘Ded’ derives from the word ‘dead’ (to die..), however, please do not get the two confused.

Founded over 5 years ago by a gentleman called Mr. Ajmer Singh Kang, it was used in reference to something ending rather abruptly. For example, the end of a football match or if someone finished a spliff before someone had a chance to toke, you would no doubt hear “you deded that spliff!”

This then organically developed into a number of meanings. Whether it be to say hello to someone or to say goodbye, 'ded' is used.

It is also used to laugh at someone’s expense. For example, if you fell over after a few brandy’s you will no doubt hear the word 'ded!' being proclaimed from afar.

One other use is as a verb to describe the act of fornication.

"Did you hook up with that girl last night?"
"Yea, I dedded her."

"Have you guys finished your meal yet?"
"Yea ded."
by Mr Ded September 22, 2009
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