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A hilarious situation. Usually followed by "ensuing".
Man with knife tries to rob bank. Guards have guns. Hilarity ensues
by ramdac October 22, 2003
80 28
To show something as funny, or comical, but only in a sacastic sense, or when you are laughing at your own joke
You: Damn! She looks toe up from the flo up! *looking in the mirror and laughs*
Friend: Oh, you and your hilarity *rolls eyes and looks*
You: That I am! *missing the insult*

funny, sarcastic,hilarious
by tea shop poet August 05, 2009
13 18
noun, the amount that something is filled with.
Rachel's joke about power tools was overflowing with hilarity.
by the_eli February 28, 2010
3 20
to be in a state of ecstacy; laughing uncuntrolably; see hilared.
i was in hilarity, as kaylie made me laugh
by j wo. March 01, 2005
12 34
Someone who is uniquely hilarious, a rare humor find of someone, hence the 'rarity' association.
"He's great he is, he's a hilarity"
by Samwell December 04, 2005
7 37