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to leave or to exit. Used and originated by the people of London, Ontario Canada.
Leanne: "Alex, I'm gonna deak outta here"

Alex: "So your going to dip?"

Leanne: "It's deak, who uses dip?"
#dip #deaked #dipped #exit #leave
by Alex Steel May 14, 2010
vt. , sports word: to make a fake move in order to get a goal
The player deaked around the goalie and scored the winning goal.
#to fake out #go around #trick #bluff #mislead #sneak by #sometimes spelled deek
by C Anne February 21, 2008
A woman who likes kinky sex.
Check her out. Yeah, she looks like a real freaky deak!
#freak #ho #prude #hottie #bitch
by Jam Akin October 11, 2011
When you are so tired you can't string a sentence together in the most inappropriate situation.
I am so Deaks right now
#tired #crazy #delirious #irrational #hysterical #incoherent
by ExerciseBarbie June 16, 2014
to love beyond control, more than anything, you are crazy a bout that person and want to be with them forever; A word that describes having no word(s).
Amy : "I love you so fucking much"
Josh : "I deak you!"
#love #admire #adore #want #crazy
by Pumpkin923 October 18, 2006
a word meaning to 'have a look'
'lets ave a DEAK at that watch'
by manpreet dosanjh July 15, 2004
(v). 1) to be awkward 2)to do something awkward
I tried to talk to my crush today, but I just totally deaked out.
by Hley May 04, 2005
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