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When one gets soooo hammered he or she falls asleep in a bizarre place (on toilet, in bathtub, on roof) and then proceeds to defecate while still asleep.
Bro1: Thomas is absolutely destroyed right now.
Bro2: Yeah man he's gaboed.
Bro3: NO. He hasnt gone to the hospital yet. But he does smell like he shat himself.
Bro1: Yeah man he got deaked.
by Tomtay October 26, 2011
A state of mind where the brain can no longer process the quantity of alcohol imbibed, so it to forces the body to simultaneously shit and vomit in a pitiful attempt to get rid of said alcohol; hopefully at this point the subject has already found the toilet and is resting beside it. In extreme cases can lead to getting gaboed
Arf: Yo why does your bed smell so bad?

Thomas: Bro I don't know what you're talking about, i blacked out after my first game of pong. I don't even know how i got home.

Arf: OH SHIT theres a trail of vomit and shit from the bathroom to your bed

Thomas: fuck i think i deaked myself... again
by theders October 26, 2011

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