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When one gets so drunk he gets hospitalized, either via ambulance or other methods he can not remember due to his intoxication. Minimum Blood Alcohol level is .2 . Additionally, his drunkenness may cause prove to be a severe inconvenience to all those around him.
Bro1: Dude, Arthur got soo shmammered last night he woke up in the hospital.
Bro2: Haha, he got straight up gaboed.
Bro3: Yeah, man i heard he blew a .34.
by Tomtay October 25, 2011
When one gets soooo hammered he or she falls asleep in a bizarre place (on toilet, in bathtub, on roof) and then proceeds to defecate while still asleep.
Bro1: Thomas is absolutely destroyed right now.
Bro2: Yeah man he's gaboed.
Bro3: NO. He hasnt gone to the hospital yet. But he does smell like he shat himself.
Bro1: Yeah man he got deaked.
by Tomtay October 26, 2011
To viciously ram an object or person from the back with little to no warning.
Andrew horned his car into Nico's.
Andrew fucked Nico from the back.
by Tomtay January 01, 2012

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