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Said after a rubbish joke or after someone tries to do something funny but is not.
Boy: Look what I can do! *Runs into the wall*
Other boy: DEAD
by E11//*]***** March 13, 2006
(V) - to put to an end
nah, we deaded that shit a long ass time ago
by the truth September 17, 2004
future tense of deaded. see deaded (rejected).
extreme ownage to come.
Kevin: Damnn yo dis bitch piper is pissin me off yo.

James: Yuh gonn dead her tomorow?

Kevin: Yerr. ima be like u pussy ass niqquh bitch. who the fuck u think u are u nappy ass blue waffle wanna be britney spears white trash blonde ho.

James: Damn. Deaded.
by AFslmmer February 28, 2010
What happens when your cells stop having sex.
Cell: Oh noes! I can't reproduce.

Captain Obvious to the rescue!!!

Captain Obvious: YOU ARE DEAD!
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 09, 2010
adj. Not alive
"It's dead Billy, don't pick at it."
by bill November 19, 2002
An adjective for describing an attractive man/woman if you are slightly sick in the head
"Did you see the girl behind the bar?!"

"Yeah, she was absolutely dead!"
by NickCarr June 09, 2009
stuck in a place where you don't know why you are there. you can still be ALIVE to be this kind of dead.
She was dead when she walked into the party that she wasn't invited to.

by metroluver23 February 12, 2009