(V) - to put to an end
nah, we deaded that shit a long ass time ago
by the truth September 17, 2004
Severely lacking life
If you don't shut up, I'm going to kill you until you're dead.
by Dial-Up February 09, 2003
future tense of deaded. see deaded (rejected).
extreme ownage to come.
Kevin: Damnn yo dis bitch piper is pissin me off yo.

James: Yuh gonn dead her tomorow?

Kevin: Yerr. ima be like u pussy ass niqquh bitch. who the fuck u think u are u nappy ass blue waffle wanna be britney spears white trash blonde ho.

James: Damn. Deaded.
by AFslmmer February 28, 2010
ADJ. Slang term meaning "Extremely" Or "Very."
Commonly Used as an alternative to the slang word "Mad"
Guy1: "Yo, do you understand that Physics homework?"
Guy2: "Na man, that shits Dead Hard!"
by ApocalypseZero May 31, 2009
to not respond to a text or a message for a certain period of time; usually due to a forgotten brb or a gtg while performing another activity
(flowing conversation)
A: ...how bout you?

---no response from B-

A: WHY ARE YOU DEAD?!?!?!??!?
B: Oh sorry I forgot to say BRB
by mige February 24, 2012
What happens when your cells stop having sex.
Cell: Oh noes! I can't reproduce.

Captain Obvious to the rescue!!!

Captain Obvious: YOU ARE DEAD!
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 09, 2010
An adjective for describing an attractive man/woman if you are slightly sick in the head
"Did you see the girl behind the bar?!"

"Yeah, she was absolutely dead!"
by NickCarr June 09, 2009
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