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12 definitions by vernon

"know what I'm saying?": used by idiots and fools after every other word in a sentance when they have no idea what they are talking about.
Then I say what it be like"know what I'm saying" we jacked him up"know what I'm saying"and poped a cap in him"know what I'm saying?".
by vernon February 05, 2004
176 55
Eagle Shit: often used for Payday.
I'm glad the eagle shits this friday,I'm broke.
by vernon February 02, 2004
131 33
Political correct term for death expirenced while at the hospital: see alsobit the shit
I was told your husband was in the hospital and was shocked to hear he had a negative patient care outcome.
by vernon February 03, 2004
45 17
Dead: No longer takeing up space and breathing our air.
I'm glad that son-of-a-bitch is dead, See also; bit the shit and negative patient care outcome
by vernon February 03, 2004
152 134
Deass: To exit or leave any given place.
I'm glad this shift is just about over, I'm ready to deass this place.
by vernon February 02, 2004
22 10
The product from male ejacuation.
.. she lay back as he showered her in an explosion of white wee.
by vernon September 25, 2003
14 5
Phrase that is often used by someone right after they fart.
"That was just some asshole talking behind my back!",Jane said softly after she let out a big fart.
by vernon February 03, 2004
22 15