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blown off; rejected; deliberatly singled out; abandoned for reasons unknown.
I like the way my best people straight deaded me.
by Armando August 16, 2004
A woman with a hot body and a fugly face. From the neck down, she's got it goin' on. But her face... That's another story.
Bill realized that he had no chance to score with the bootylicious Allysa, so later that night he settled for a butterface het met on the way to the keg.
by Armando January 21, 2004
A colossal hiphop monopoly located in The Great Pacific Northwest. Roll Call: Rochester A.P., Onry, Barfly, JFK, Mr. Hill, Hyena, El Topo, Bishop I, Gash, Azrael, L- Swear, DJ Scene, Akil, Sleep, Syndel, Pale, Smoke, Zebulon Dak, Anax, Pegee13, Snafu, Mako, Destro & Karim, DJ Tremor, Punchy, Ben 'Bout It, Toni Hill, Wrhaggz, Myth, Scooter & Scooter's phone and of course Thing.
guy 1: hey man, what you listening to?
guy 2: Oldominion! duh stupid! havent you heard?!? they the ish!
guy 1: oh, sorry...
by Armando June 19, 2005
A korean female pop group.
The members: Sim Eunjin, Kim Eiji(EZ), Yun Eunhye, Kan Miyoun, and of coarse Lee heejin.
Baby V.O.X. is the best group ever dammit.
by Armando September 04, 2004
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