Besides boring and something which no longer lives among us, it also is the late, great, former singer of Black Metal group MAYHEM.

He was in the split album they did with Morbid Angel and a few other bootlegs and live albums.

Just before releasing their second album, Dead slashed his arms up and blew his brains out with a sawed off shotgun.

HellHammer (Mayhem's drummer) took broken skull pieces and made them into a necklace and Euronymous (Mayhem's late, great, former guitarist) took a bit of his brain, cooked it and ate it. Another interesting bit is that Euronymous took a picture of Dead after his suicide, un-tampered with. This picture was on the cover of a bootleg of mayhem featuring dead and current singer, Maniac (which was one of the first vocalists of Mayhem, even before dead anyways - he was the vocalist on Deathcrush).

To many (including myself), Dead is a metal God, he was Mayhem's best vocalist, and true kvltist of black metal. In tours he would cut himself with knives and throw rotten meat at the crowd and he died self inflicted and brutally.

Dead is gone, but in no way forgetten by Mayhem's fans.

Dead is a metal God to black metal as Chuck Shulinder is for Death Metal.
"Before the shows Dead used to bury his clothes
into the ground... He was a "corpse" on stage" - Hellhammer
by Shenmoo April 24, 2004
Top Definition
Britney Spear's career
Wow britney spears sucks
by The Truth January 13, 2005
Something that is no longer living and can now be kicked.
Yep it's dead!
*Kicks it*
by IFORGOT December 08, 2002
1. To no longer live ( pulse)

2. To be REALLY boring

3. To be in serious trouble
1. My dog is dead, I hope he went to doggy heaven

2. This party is dead, I'm going home

3. My mom caught me having sex, I'm dead
by ihavenolife June 29, 2004
When you're passed the point of something being hilariously funny; when you've laughed as hard as you possibly can. Often expressed online by putting an asterisk (*) in front of and behind the word itself.
Ashley: So I went out with this guy last night, and we hit it off, but he doesn't seem to be interested in me other than my clothes and who does my hair.
Mary: That boy has more zest than a bag full of lemons.
Ashley: *DEAD*
by purplestar1952 September 10, 2009
1) When a party or club is not fun or no longer is fun to be at anymore.
2) What happens when Daddy catches you on top of his "Little Girl"
...What the hell is up with these other definitions? We know what the normal term DEAD means, morons! This is not WEBSTER's DICTIONARY!!!
by Joshiro007 February 23, 2003
The opposite of street smart.
Aw, yeah, that dude's pretty street smart, ain't he?

Naw, he dead.
by Am-stir-dam February 10, 2010
1. Not living.
2.A childish phrase meaning 'in serious trouble', ie with a parent/teacher/older bigger person, that will surely result in the child/student/smaller younger person being killed.
1. He hasn't got a pulse, he is dead.

2. Child A: You're dead.
Child B: I'm clearly still living.
Child A: No, your mother saw you push that kid off his bike - you're dead.
by Scandal June 28, 2004
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