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1. To no longer live (like...no pulse)

2. To be REALLY boring

3. To be in serious trouble
1. My dog is dead, I hope he went to doggy heaven

2. This party is dead, I'm going home

3. My mom caught me having sex, I'm dead
by ihavenolife June 29, 2004
Niagara Falls does mean a waterfall or city. But it also means a girls period. It is tycially used for girls to talk about among each other without others knowing. It is a nickname for period because for some it might feel like Niagara Falls is coming out of them. Note that you don't say the word period. Just Niagra falls.
"UGHHH that assembly was terrible"

"I know right and I'm on Niagara Falls (period)! So when I finally stood up-"

"I don't need any details."
by Ihavenolife April 12, 2014
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