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The expression of such utter distaste for a person or object that it calls for the personal denial of its worldly existance. Can be used to express disintrest, hatred, or something/someone that has gone out of style.
Torn jeans are so last season. They're dead to me.
#hatred #style #fashion #out-dated #obsolete
by muchluv November 22, 2005
When you hate someone so much that you ignore them for the rest of your life as if they were dead.
You: hey wanna go to my party tommorrow night?
Guy: Nah sorry I'm going to Justin Beiber's concert.
#dead #hate #justin #beiber #you're dead to me #you are dead to me
by Trollrockteemo April 26, 2015
A phrase used as a comeback to let someone know they're dead to you
Tom: I slept with your mom, Greg.
Greg: You're dead to me.
#comeback #insult #conversation starter #retort #reply
by Thomas Wight December 30, 2005
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