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Those annoying mammoth like enemies in Super Paper Mario for the Wii, that appear during worlds 5, 8, and the Pit of 100 trials. The world 8 variants are called Mega Muths, and the Pit of 100 trials variants are called Dark Muths. These guys have a ton of HP (about 100-255) but give a load of points when killed. Flip to 3-D to get past them.
Fear the woolly foot of the mighty Muth! It'll trample you just for looking at it wrong.
by DKsDownBIntheAir July 29, 2009
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short verion of muthafucka
ay dawg yu see dat fight. dat nigga shanked dat muth
by crystal balls abdul jabbar September 30, 2006
Sawn-off mother
hey, that was one mean muth, dude!
by duda June 01, 2003

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