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A purely fictional spice that is described in the book called "Dune" written by Frank Herbert. It supposedly grants the user either a) all-seeing-ungodly-uber-ability-to-navigate-space or ... b) funky trippy delusions
And it also is said to taste like cinnamon somehow....
The emperor needs X amount of spice by tommorow or his sardukkar will pwn your ass in five hours.
by J/M/T/M December 05, 2003
A mixture or medley.
The melange of foods made a great flavor
by me March 30, 2005
A spice used to enhance supernatural abilities, theorized to simply be the combination of uncut cocaine and kief from marijuana.
After Paul took the spice melange he was precognitive
by Trenchent January 30, 2012
Mixture of sperm and shit in the ass.
(also known as satan nectar)
Girl: what would you drink coffe or tea?
Boy: melange.
Girl: my ass still hurts.
by s1nerg1 September 21, 2011
Partying wit friends, usually in the clubs etc.
Can be heard in many hip hop songs.
Oh, I had a great melange yesterday!
by Izzie^^ May 22, 2007
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