The greatest people you will ever meet.
Originally from Detroit & a lover of One Direction
"Hey, did you meet those DD's?" "Yeah, they're great!"
by Detroit Directioner May 06, 2012
short for dis dick
created by the students of Edison High School in the 703

a response that can be used after any question including what, huh, who, where, etc.

"what did you do last night?"

"where were you last night?"
"dd's house"
by DD lover1234 July 14, 2008
What the posh Southsiders in Dublin call the Dundrum Centre.
Roysh goys, lets get some Storbucks and head over to DD. The new RL polo is out.
by Natural_Born_Vampire March 22, 2007
Double Door
Left entrance after the spawn in CS map de_aztec
by Kriminal August 21, 2003
Double Date - your appointment book shows you have arranged to see two people at the same time
When I realised I had accidently made a dd to see two women on the same night I phoned my friend and asked him to come along too and make it a foursome
by Criostoir Hulme August 26, 2005
Deep Dicking; get fucked hard
She was begging for the DD
by Ben December 13, 2004
designated dave, the one who drives home all the drunks after the party
whos gonna be the designated dave tonight
by nerf March 09, 2004
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