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She is the girl whom every guy has a secret crush on. She is deadly beautiful but she isn't the type who knows it and uses it against both guys and girls. She is a girl of her words and she has them in her power and uses them well. She is a type of girl who easily could be lesbian or bisexuel because she falls in love with the personality, not the sex.

She is 17 and she is far from in-between
everybody look Mathilde is comming
omg she is so Mathilde today
by fimreand October 19, 2010
a highly mature, intellectual girl who uses too big of words and never uses slang. is usually very upfront and agressive (mentally!!)
Omg she is such a mathilde.
by kllanz November 30, 2006
Some coffee, tea, or any drinkable liquid you accidently spill over yourself. Usually your shirt is white and you'll keep the stain for ever. A mathilde always happens to the same kind clumsy and dreamy people, while they are doing something else and not paying attention. But it looks kinda sexy.
omg, you just poured a mathilde
by Mathou December 03, 2010