short for "devil's dandruff" or cocaine, usually used as slang over the phone with one's dealer
"Yo man, you know we're not getting laid unless we pick-up some of that DD first for the girls."
by Creme Daddy August 12, 2006
Drunk Driver, Commonly confused with Dedicated driver
The DD is the person that is dedicated to get drunk by the end of the night
by nicker nicker April 14, 2006
A dd is a person with a bum on the back of their head. It is called a DD because if you turn around the two D's it makes the image of a bum.
"Hey look at the back of his head"
" Hes definitely a DD""
by D.D October 30, 2007
As a noun. A detestable dick and, or, dickhead.

As an adjective. Someone who is so all around butt-fucking awesome that your mind gets high being around said person.

As a proper noun. Slang for Designated Driver.

As another noun. A company that produces "gangsta" and, or, "cool shit" for the general consumer.

Quit acting like a fuckin DD John!

DD, I just want to say I love you and if I were a fag, I'd do you on the spot, but I'm not, so your da man!

Ok, we're going on a drinking run so anyone gonna volunteer for being the DD?

Man, DD is da mos pimptastic shit a foo coul buy yo!
by 1234321rewdgefdgsadfsda April 19, 2006
the meaning for DD is really daddy dick
Damn!!!i really gave my girl sum dd last night!!!
by fresh8208 February 15, 2007
Dirty Dickie. What you get after bangin a girl in the azz.
Mike J. Pulled his dick outa Steph's butt and was like damn, I got DD.
lil bro Ben J. shortly after DD "Did some1 shiz down here?!"
by Joe April 28, 2004
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