Drunk dial - to call someone by (cell)phone due to an advanced state of drunkennes.
Last night I was totally shitfaced, so I DD'd my ex'n asked her back, that bitch.
by Johnny Woflram July 17, 2003
Means 'dis dick, like this dick. Came from stuart high school in falls church.
Mary: Man, that test was so hard!
John: DD is so hard...
by dunworryaboutitkk August 12, 2008
Damn Deal

As in "What's the damn deal?" or "What is going on?"
"Yo Lisa, what's the dd? We doin' anything tonight?"
by SEANyQUA March 09, 2008
Drunken details- when a person gets so drunk they don't remember and must be filled in on all the dd -drunken details
Fries was so drunk last night, she was horrified when I gave her the DD.
by kiki.921 August 08, 2007
The guy who bites the bullet and drives to the party. The drunk driver has the critical role of getting his buddies home, or to donuts, or to more beer. It's usually customary to by the DD a beer for his efforts.
You can't take my keys, I'm the DD.
by Nasty Nate December 16, 2005
This means Double Dating
The sexspecialist and I decided we would go DD with another couple to a formal dance in aid of charity at the Belfast City Hall
by St. Ias September 16, 2005
Drug Dealer, a person who sells illicit drugs
Yo man, my dd says he's got some wicked kind bud. You wanna go in on an 1/8th and get blazed.
by tree March 14, 2005

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