DD- An acronym for the chain link store Dunkin Doughnuts.
Do you want to hit up DD after the show?
by Ryan Imhof June 07, 2007
Acronym for Drunk Dialing.
Drunkard(to friends): Im bout to call up that bitch...
Friends of Drunkard : Hahaha he's about to fuckin DD.

Victim : Hello, thank you for calling, how may i help you?
Drunkard: You're a bitch and i never fuckin loved you!!!
Victim : Uhhh Sir? Can i help you?

...(and so on until the drunkard makes an ass of himself more so than he already is.)
by Malcolm Malaowala April 01, 2006
"Direct Damage" spells in fantasy computer games, esp MMORPGs.
When blasting orcs, I prefer DD to DOT.
by Vuelhering March 28, 2005
Daddy Dick
Yeah last night, Ronny gave me that DD!!
by luuZER May 01, 2009
Verb. Don't Die, said before an action made by an internet addict.
Dd, you stupid n00bs.
by VbPeppermint October 27, 2007
DD = Digital Death, a known hacking clan that many people hate in the UT/UT2003/UT2004 Community, they are known for their insane hacks and releases to other hacking groups such as ELF Hacking Clan.
DD own ut2004 and ut99 so much that they should buy it...
by UnrealAdmin August 09, 2006
double damage- Dota in wc3
grab dd in the river
by booogerman with potatoes March 15, 2006

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