Electronics; Direct Current;
Electrical current which flows in one direction in a circuit.

D.C. current is used to power electronic circuits due to many of the components such as diodes, transistors and I.C. (Intergrated Circuit) chips which can only function properly with D.C. current.

Geography; Washington D.C.
District of Columbia
CHILD: "Why does the keyboard have a larger plug than the lamp?"
BOFFIN: "Because that bitch-assed mutha-fuckin' plug got some A.C. to D.C. convertin' to do, and those fat bitch assed components needed to do that need mo' SPACE! That's why."

PILGRIM: "What does the D.C. in Washington D.C. stand for?"
FONT OF ALL KNOWLEDGE: "You travelled 12,542.7651 miles and climbed a 2,782.957611 foot high Himalayan mountain to ask me, the Font of All Knowledge THAT?! It means District of Columbia! Now go!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
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abbreviation for 'don't care'
when someone 'overshares' useless information....reply 'dc'
by statsman February 15, 2007
-America's capitol city. White house, fancy buildings, blah, blah, blah. Also holds one of the highest murder rates in the country. Don't walk inner city streets alone after dark. Just a friendly warning.
kid 1- I'm from DC! Are you from DC?
kid 2- Yeah, well, sort of. I live in silver spring.
kid 1- fuckin liar! you said you were from DC!
kid 2- Yeah, well, where are you from in DC?
kid 1- (silence) um, Alexandria.
by Shantall June 20, 2005
dc means disconnected. When you use dial-up and you get disconnected you can tell someone that you got disconnected by saying dc
Sorry, I got dc.. what did I miss?
by mina February 08, 2005
District of Confusion; refers to Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the D.C area where life suxors and it is a police state.
We sold weed in Southeast DC at 5 am.
by Kat November 20, 2004
Has nobody here heard of Direct Current?????????
Power supply 12v DC
by oracle March 12, 2004
1: Abbreviation for the Nation's capitol

2: Abbreviation for Detective Comics, which is DC Comics' Oldest title and the basis for it's name.
1: Washington, DC

2:DC Comics is slightly redundant, seeing as how it literally stands for Detective Comics Comics.
by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
drum corp. consisting of snares, tenors, bass, and CYMBALS.
w00t!!jvdc 2002-2003
by Lino June 11, 2003

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