When used in MMORPG(WoW, Lineage, etc.), it means: "I was disconnected"
-What happened ?
-Sry, got DC
by RazielSR April 14, 2008
short for Divide & Conquer, one of the favorite method of cruel, heartless, jaded people.
friend 1 : can't you see what they are doing? they are trying to D-C us!
friend 2 : wow, you're so right! let's stick together and fight!
by 3eggs January 30, 2009
Yo man you got a super DC, it's so huge can be a f*cking island, hold the god damn cast of "Survior" for months.
by PeteyG March 17, 2004
Abbreviation for Dodgy Cunt...
That Fubu Random is a one DC
by Dayze March 23, 2005
diet coke

a soft drink.
b.g.: 'one d.c. please'

mc trainee: '...what?'
by Haaarps June 05, 2007
Dont Cry

Used in contex when somone makes a fuckup and their friends sarcasticaly tell them not to cry about it.
*To somone to fucked up*
Oh, DC, man... DC.
by Zealoterman November 11, 2006

Electronics; Direct Current;
Electrical current which flows in one direction in a circuit.

D.C. current is used to power electronic circuits due to many of the components such as diodes, transistors and I.C. (Intergrated Circuit) chips which can only function properly with D.C. current.

Geography; Washington D.C.
District of Columbia
CHILD: "Why does the keyboard have a larger plug than the lamp?"
BOFFIN: "Because that bitch-assed mutha-fuckin' plug got some A.C. to D.C. convertin' to do, and those fat bitch assed components needed to do that need mo' SPACE! That's why."

PILGRIM: "What does the D.C. in Washington D.C. stand for?"
FONT OF ALL KNOWLEDGE: "You travelled 12,542.7651 miles and climbed a 2,782.957611 foot high Himalayan mountain to ask me, the Font of All Knowledge THAT?! It means District of Columbia! Now go!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005

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