When used in MMORPG(WoW, Lineage, etc.), it means: "I was disconnected"
-What happened ?
-Sry, got DC
by RazielSR April 14, 2008
short for Divide & Conquer, one of the favorite method of cruel, heartless, jaded people.
friend 1 : can't you see what they are doing? they are trying to D-C us!
friend 2 : wow, you're so right! let's stick together and fight!
by 3eggs January 30, 2009
diet coke

a soft drink.
b.g.: 'one d.c. please'

mc trainee: '...what?'
by Haaarps June 05, 2007
Abbreviation for Dodgy Cunt...
That Fubu Random is a one DC
by Dayze March 23, 2005
Yo man you got a super DC, it's so huge can be a f*cking island, hold the god damn cast of "Survior" for months.
by PeteyG March 17, 2004
when a person is being a Dum Cunt
Hey did u see Brandon last nite he was being a big DC.

That girl at the club last nite was a DC.
by A*Town21 February 24, 2008
Likes to flirt, sometimes superflirt.
Wow, look at you pull some moves on that girl. You are such a DC.
by Anonymous604 May 31, 2007

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