Acronym for "dead cunt".
I wish the retards who posted the 500 different 'District of Columbias' would be dc's.
by drew christx May 04, 2005
district of columbia
also know as the Dank City (home of the friendly pimp)
welcome to the dank city
by Jeff November 30, 2003
Short for DC Shoe Company USA.
DC sponsors Danny Way, the greatest skateboarder of all time.
by Jon August 24, 2003
An abbreviation used for the Dining Commons, or large cafeteria of many colleges, most infamously UMASS Amherst.
Dude- Hey, you wanna sneak into the DC with me? I don't have any money for burritos.
Dude2-SURE! Great Idea! I am also a poor student, so I would love to sneak in to get some grub with you.
by pandadude November 04, 2011
The Greatest and most important and Powerful city on Earth.
Means if you can live it and make it there you can make it anywhere.Have bride DC.
by DMV All Day June 05, 2011
Dude, where have u been ?!
sorry man. dc !!!
by mcGyver 89 August 21, 2010
it's an abbreviation for Dumb Cunt. For people like me, who use the word cunt everyday, it makes it less 'offensive' and more fun to call someone in public
person one: "My math teacher gave us a project due on the last day of school!"
person two: "what?! she is such a DC!"
by MaderisaDC June 14, 2010

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