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115 definitions by oracle

Way of paying large amounts of tax.
Dont talk to me about income tax... i smoke
by oracle March 12, 2004
945 290
Any unwanted chunky debris hanging within the recess of one's butt. Butt nuggets normally require a concentrated effort in order to remove them, such as but no limited to: heavy wiping with toilet paper, or hot water and soap.
by Oracle October 27, 2003
335 112
Where stuff is made. Birthplace of world industry, home of the British motor industry.
BMW engines, London taxis, Peugeots, Rovers, Jaguars, trains, Cadburys chocolate..etc..etc
by oracle December 09, 2004
319 119
thread on urbandictionary.com used by geeks to insult each other
apples are shit blah blah...
no theyre not blah blah...
by oracle March 12, 2004
212 37
Birmingham, or noise car makes
"Im on the train to Brum"
by oracle February 05, 2004
247 93
Obscure area of north London, between Finsbury Park and Wood Green. Built in late 19th century, home to large Turkish population and (several) students due to low rents. The main street, Green Lanes is the home of the kebab and gun crime. Often confused with Haringey, the London borough which contains Harringay (the area).
"Lock the doors- we're driving through Harringay"
by oracle September 06, 2004
127 6
Junction 6 of the M6 in north Birmingham. Intersection of the M6, A38(M), A38, and A5127. Most complex junction in UK. Notorious for jams, busiest section of road in Europe.
"Theres a 20 mile tailback from spaghetti..."
by oracle January 25, 2005
148 43