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10 definitions by mina

A tequila shot antic in which the drinker:
1.snorts a line of salt
2.slams the shot of tequila
3.squeezes the lime in his/her eye.

This shot was allegedly invented by Steve-o of Jackass fame.
My attention-whoring roommate performed a tequila stuntman in front of the whole bar and didn't have to pay for drinks the rest of the night.
by Mina February 16, 2004
74 18
IYD is short for:

In Your Dreams
friend:I'm so good!
you: yeah right! IYD
by mina February 26, 2005
20 5
The practice of being a player.
-How one uses their player skills to get the hoes
-How one keeps from being caught while practicing playerizm
-How to be a player
-The way one uses their player skills to thier advantage in the "game"
by MINA September 24, 2004
6 1
its meeeeeee
by Mina September 27, 2003
2 2
cute lebanese guy =)
hesham is a cute lebanese guy
by Mina January 27, 2005
34 38
when you do something stupid and you look like a drunk
Becca took a crap on her self while she was with John.
by Mina March 25, 2003
2 8
a young sexy guy, who is very smart and looks like ghandi. =)
i have no examples.
by mina January 20, 2004
3 10