Desert combat, a very popular battlefield1942 modification, also won gamespy mod of the year 2003 and numerous other.
Georgy : OH shit the a10 is coming back for another camping, GET THE STINGER OUT
Georgy killed mofo
by steve March 04, 2004
abbreviation for "dreamcast", a 128-bit video game console created by sega. it debuted on september 9, 1999 in america, but only lasted for a few years, as it was quickly overshadowed by sony playstation 2 (PS2), nintendo gamecube (GC), and micorsoft xbox.
i played sonic adventure 2 on dc and it was the shit.
by d-shadow January 14, 2004
district of columbia
also know as the Dank City (home of the friendly pimp)
welcome to the dank city
by Jeff November 30, 2003
Short for DC Shoe Company USA.
DC sponsors Danny Way, the greatest skateboarder of all time.
by Jon August 24, 2003
an abreviation for Diet Coke
the most awesome drink in the world :)
"dude i just got myself a DC down at spinx"
"whatta beast drink!"
by defintions.com April 03, 2009
DC is an abbreviation for the two-word phrase I coined "diseased cunt." The phrase is derived from bad experiences I had with a rather promiscuous female individual (see skank, slut, or stankbox). DC's run rampant throughout society and should be avoided.
1. When a thought of DC enters my head, I shudder and check my groinal area (just to make sure everything is still intact).
2. Man, DC had every STD known to mankind.
3. I saw your ex, DC, at the mall today. WTF were you thinking bud?
by Brian (the ultimate Tard) March 22, 2006
Diet Coke (can be w/ or w/o caffeine)
"Yo, dude, pass me a cold DC."
by JPlev July 13, 2005

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