DC is the host of the comedy podcast, The Pub Show. DC has been dubbed the PubCrew's "ringmaster" as he often attempts to keep The Pub Show on track and mold it into an enjoyable mix of intellectual conversation and drunken banter. DC is the guy that always has to explain everything, attempts to shelter the listeners from that which might be offensive, and tends to be indecisive about topics discussed on The Pub Show, unless they're REALLY important to him. He would rather let Mr. Super Fantastic and Abe Froman beat each other senseless to prove their points and then agree with whoever wins.
DC: They wouldn't call it Milwaukee's Best if it wasn't the best of Milwaukee.
by DC - http://thepubshow.net June 22, 2009
an abreviation for Diet Coke
the most awesome drink in the world :)
"dude i just got myself a DC down at spinx"
"whatta beast drink!"
by defintions.com April 03, 2009
During Chav.
i can't belive you were chavy!
yeah in DC times.
by CuntCakeess March 30, 2009
DC is the abbreviated form of the commmon phrase "dumb cunt".
John: "hey man, can you cover me for lunch? I left my wallet at home."
Jack(shaking head)"Biggest DC ever."
by girondinho February 09, 2009
short for Divide & Conquer, one of the favorite method of cruel, heartless, jaded people.
friend 1 : can't you see what they are doing? they are trying to D-C us!
friend 2 : wow, you're so right! let's stick together and fight!
by 3eggs January 30, 2009
dumb chinks
Hey get out my way you dc's!
by PV Erock October 17, 2008
d c
short for diamond city (see wilkes barre) due to the many coal (diamond) mining sites in the nearby area during the early 20th century.
I'm from south-side d c, off the square.
by Dub City Soldier July 07, 2008

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