Likes to flirt, sometimes superflirt.
Wow, look at you pull some moves on that girl. You are such a DC.
by Anonymous604 May 31, 2007
Dont Cry

Used in contex when somone makes a fuckup and their friends sarcasticaly tell them not to cry about it.
*To somone to fucked up*
Oh, DC, man... DC.
by Zealoterman November 11, 2006
DC is an abbreviation for the two-word phrase I coined "diseased cunt." The phrase is derived from bad experiences I had with a rather promiscuous female individual (see skank, slut, or stankbox). DC's run rampant throughout society and should be avoided.
1. When a thought of DC enters my head, I shudder and check my groinal area (just to make sure everything is still intact).
2. Man, DC had every STD known to mankind.
3. I saw your ex, DC, at the mall today. WTF were you thinking bud?
by Brian (the ultimate Tard) March 22, 2006
DC is a term used to describe a special status of sexual behaviour/activity and/or an unusally large sexual organ. The phrase DC can not be overused. To qualify for a DC wang ones knob must exceed 8 inches (approx 21 centiemtres). One may also qualify for DC status by being able to ejaculate 1 hectare (approx 100 000 metres squared) or be able to fill a girls (of any age) entire face with seamen/sperm.
Wow DC has a 9 inch DC and did you see him DC all over that broads face.
by DavidCohen March 07, 2006
disconnected like internet got disconnected
"where u go?"
by nik rai October 08, 2005
A make of very very very nice shoes. Often expensive, and are made for skateboarding.
Want to go and see my diamond coverd DC'S ?
by GIGGLES May 19, 2005
Acronym for "dead cunt".
I wish the retards who posted the 500 different 'District of Columbias' would be dc's.
by drew christx May 04, 2005

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