Acronym for "dead cunt".
I wish the retards who posted the 500 different 'District of Columbias' would be dc's.
by drew christx May 04, 2005
D.C. (disfigured carny)
Refers to an overly large girl who is extremely unsightly to look at. There are no pants big enough to fit her gigantic rear end. She is disfigured all around.
ex: That girl is the D.C. I will give you $100 to hook up with her.
by Brendan Cockburn March 08, 2005
*District of Columbia
*Nations Capital
*Chocolate City
*Consisting of a population Dominated by African Americanz, Jamicanz, Hatianz, Nigerianz,Liberianz, Triniz,Guyanesez, Black Dominicanz, and Black Puerto Ricanz....
*Crappy Ass rodez
*Funny ass schools (startin skool in November n shyt...)
*Overall runnin shyt
Texas Mafucka: Yo where u from????

DC Nicca: DC ho

Texas Mafucka: I gotz family from dere, what part you from?

DC Nicca: Silver Spring Mont COunty bitch...

Texas Mafucka: Oh i got family from PG

DC NIcca: PG Weak...
by GiNa January 20, 2005
1) The District of Columbia, home of bad roads, rich kids, poor kids, good private schools, bad public schools, OK religious schools, where everyone wants to be black even AFTER the cops come.

2) The greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.
1) Rich white kid: Yo wassap, fo shizzle.
Middle-class black kid: Dude. You're white.
RWK: But I got me some bling-bling. Pass me that bowl.
MCBK: Sure. You owe me 200 bucks.

2) "I'm from DC."
"Really, so am I! I live in Potomac."
"Dude, I mean I'm from the REAL DC."
"Oh, yeah, you live downtown, don't you!"
by jorgath November 22, 2004
department of corrections
i.e. penitentary or hard time
"she said she'd always stand by me, even when I did dc
by braindent July 26, 2004
Desert combat, a very popular battlefield1942 modification, also won gamespy mod of the year 2003 and numerous other.
Georgy : OH shit the a10 is coming back for another camping, GET THE STINGER OUT
Georgy killed mofo
by steve March 04, 2004
abbreviation for "dreamcast", a 128-bit video game console created by sega. it debuted on september 9, 1999 in america, but only lasted for a few years, as it was quickly overshadowed by sony playstation 2 (PS2), nintendo gamecube (GC), and micorsoft xbox.
i played sonic adventure 2 on dc and it was the shit.
by d-shadow January 14, 2004

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