dc means disconnected. When you use dial-up and you get disconnected you can tell someone that you got disconnected by saying dc
Sorry, I got dc.. what did I miss?
by mina February 08, 2005
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abbreviation for 'don't care'
when someone 'overshares' useless information....reply 'dc'
by statsman February 15, 2007
Hey man, what happen! I see you log out!
Yes, sorry. I got dc.
by xXluxorXx June 08, 2015
DC stands for Don't Care
I dc.
DC about her.
by Leighton4211 March 24, 2016
"Dickdestroyer Confirmed" is a term just to describe if a man or woman is able to hook a man with his/her first try. This person is a destroyer of dicks. Therefore a Dickdestroyer Confirmed.
Oh my god, Clarissa hooked that hot guy from her job during their first conversation. She is definely a DC (Dickdestroyer Confirmed).
by Gæshi and Jo9 June 22, 2016
D.C (the dick check)
when a woman usually a cougar or slut gropes a mans crotch with intent to see how big is dick is.
That little slut just did a D.C. on me.
Hey girls I did a D.C. and his Dick is huge.
by kennclie April 01, 2016
-America's capitol city. White house, fancy buildings, blah, blah, blah. Also holds one of the highest murder rates in the country. Don't walk inner city streets alone after dark. Just a friendly warning.
kid 1- I'm from DC! Are you from DC?
kid 2- Yeah, well, sort of. I live in silver spring.
kid 1- fuckin liar! you said you were from DC!
kid 2- Yeah, well, where are you from in DC?
kid 1- (silence) um, Alexandria.
by Shantall June 20, 2005
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