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shortened form of douche-bag
David is a DB.
by Sam and Laura March 09, 2004
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shortened for Douche Bag or Dumb Bitch, Basically the same creature, with douche bag being the masculine form and dumb bitch being the feminine form
That bar was full of nothing but a bunch of DB's.
by Zeppelina August 01, 2007
Diarrhea Bubble. There are 5 different classes of pure, 100% Db's.
The regular Diarrhea Bubble that someone gets occasionally by eating something that doesn’t ‘mix’ well with his or her stomach.
A little more intense, with semi squirts of pure liquid that sting’s on the way out.
(Note: class’s three, four, and five cannot be considered if the Db were taken in a nice toilet)
This is strong Diarrhea that can’t wait more then a half an hour. even if this includes a public bathroom.(not including a school bathroom)
This is extremely strong Diarrhea that has only 5 minutes until shit MUST exit. This does include a school bathroom.
I have only known one person that has gotten a pure, sober, class five Db. I was there first hand and can tell you the incident laid upon him. Jacob was swimming in the ocean when a class five hit him, He later told me it felt like “A tone of bricks had hit my stomach.” With what he thought he had on his hands was a class four, he thought he could make it to the hotel room. As he ran less then 50 feet to the public shower’s to walk up the stairs to our hotel room, it hit him. The class four had turned five. He had no other choice but to bend down and shoot the Db in the wide-open shower, with the janitor wathing, there was nothing to do aftwrd but walk out with you head held low.. These kind of Db’s are rare but do happen. There are no warning signs and can’t be contained after one minute. They are extremely painfull and often end up leaving you with no dignity and no feeling of your ass.
--- Now there are Classes six, seven, eight , nine and ten’s. But these classes fall in the categories as “non-pure” Db. They are class four and five’s mixed with either or all headache, back pain, dizziness, throwing up, etc.. A class six would be maybe a really bad hangover with a pure class five. A class nine would have to involve spectators, throwing up, headache and a pure class five. A class, ten is your final Db. It’s the final 21-gram’s that leave your asshole as you die. No one has ever survived it.
"What class?"
by Tyler Anawalt August 07, 2005
Drunk bitch. When a drunk person commits an act of excessive intoxication.
(Ex: a girl holding a beer drops it for no reason other than she is drunk) DB!
by Titty Winkles August 23, 2009
A dumb bitch or a drunk bitch depending on the time and place.
Yo look at that db over there dancing on the bar.
by EBUKI August 08, 2010
The initials for the term Douche Bag.
That dude made three errors in the game and struck out twice, what a DB.
by JCone9 August 14, 2003
-an acronym that can be used as a general insult for people you don't really like
-dead beat; dick brain; dick butt; ding bat; dirty bastard; dirty bitch; dirt bag; dirt box; douche bag; drew barrymore; drunk bitch; dumb blonde
"That guy was such a db last night!"
"Yeah I know what a loser."
by Mimi915 July 08, 2009

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