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Normally a big black man but on occasion Dariens are some of the most beastly white men around.Usually arent bad looking and carry themselves very well. Can be moody but if you catch em on the right day they're chill as hell but if its not one of those days, watch out
You know Darien right?
Nah what is he black?
Haha nah hes a big ass white boy
by Swagggga February 22, 2009
6 8
Tends to be overly dramatic, and gets frustrated real easy.
Whit guy who is very popular with the girls and gets whatever he wants from them.Can be the worst friend but the best boyfriend.When he is kind he is the most sweetest boy you can ever meet.
Boy #1: Why is he acting so butt hurt today?

Boy #2: That's just Darien.
by alexis.cerrato101 February 25, 2010
4 7
THE BEST TOWN EVER! Not all rich people and great ppl. Blue wave is the best and u should go there before you judge. Where not stuck up and dont hate people from norwalk and stamford and greenwich. BLUE WAVE = LIFEEE <33333333
ALI: heyy im from Darien
SARA: i am from norwalk
ALI: SICK, thats cool
by I LOVE DARIEN!!!!!! September 24, 2008
11 14
Darien is not only a town in Connecticut. It is also a town in Illinois, about 30 min away from Chicago. The slogan of this little town is that it is a nice place to live. What a great line. It's probably better than the Darien in Connecticut. There may not be a lot to do but there is a whole lot of drugs and it's only a half hour from Chicago which is one of the greatest places ever besides the fact that more than half the year is winter. Sometimes I don't even wear a scarf when it's 25 degrees out because I consider that warm. But we can look beyond that. There may not be much to do besides go out to eat at the TGIFridays or the Chili's or go see a movie at the Tivoli or the Ogden6. Fuck the Connecticut Darien. The Illinois Darien rocks.
Louisiana: panics at the sight of snow and work get's cancelled

Darien, Illinois: it snows during spring break.

by jbauer1506 January 22, 2009
23 29
It's a town that always gets labled as the rich town with stuck up preppy kids who drink way to much and who will get no where in life unless of course they get through everything with their parents money. But lots of people are not like that and have to try just as hard and put just the same amount of work as other kids do in other towns. Not everyone is like the lable people give Darien there are lots of problems, troubles, and pain going on everywhere in here that no one gets to see just as there is in other towns and there are great friendly nice people with real intelligence that you probably haven't gotten to notice or bother with. But I just wanted to clear it up Darien is just like other towns and is NOT what its lable says it is!! -Thank you
Darien is just like your town.
by MMMMMMMMM June 13, 2005
11 17
A girl who is blonde, and she is a big slut bucket
Hi, I'm darien and im a slut bucket!
by amy pcon March 04, 2011
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i have lived in darien my whole life and most of these defintions come pretty close. except the one about target. if u are older than 10 and wher stuff from target then you are a loser. most kids go to places like darien sport shop and wishlist to buy polo vineyard vines juicy coutour true religion and 'seven's". kids in middle school casually spend 20-50$ on dinner with their friends on weekends. everyone is afraid of norwalk and stamford,we all listen to 50 cent but we are terrified of NYC. most pop. shows are 24 and house and CSI. most kids have straight a's or a's and b's. 150-200 is the average price on jeans
in 8th grade most people havent done drugs but by high school...
at post corner pizza in darien the blonde 14 year olds casually slapped 80 dollars on the table after they spent 20 minutes figuring out the tip
by blondie#1 April 04, 2007
8 15