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An ice-cold cunt with a stick up her ass.
The bitch from the collections' office was a total cuntsicle.
by HooMaster March 14, 2008
A girl who wears a skirt on a extremely cold day
"Maggie has a cuntsicle under that pink skirt"
by superbong25 February 20, 2004
a popsicle used as a dildo.
"she shoved that cuntsicle way up thurr"
by ermsy June 29, 2006
A scantily clad female (or passable tranny) freezing their nether regions, whilst waiting in line outside of your favorite club
Bitch 1: Did that whore forget her pants or is that a dress?
Bitch 2: It's like negative 4 degrees out here and I think I just saw a genital wart.
Bitch 1: What a cuntsicle!
by DrrtyClubber January 20, 2011
a bitch with a frozen heart
that cuntsicle just cut me off!
by bitesize5812 August 10, 2012
A bird who is cold as ice.
That chick i cracked onto last night barred me so hard...what a cuntsicle
by farthead September 08, 2003
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