A girl who is blonde, and she is a big slut bucket
Hi, I'm darien and im a slut bucket!
by amy pcon March 04, 2011
Darien is not only a town in Connecticut. It is also a town in Illinois, about 30 min away from Chicago. The slogan of this little town is that it is a nice place to live. What a great line. It's probably better than the Darien in Connecticut. There may not be a lot to do but there is a whole lot of drugs and it's only a half hour from Chicago which is one of the greatest places ever besides the fact that more than half the year is winter. Sometimes I don't even wear a scarf when it's 25 degrees out because I consider that warm. But we can look beyond that. There may not be much to do besides go out to eat at the TGIFridays or the Chili's or go see a movie at the Tivoli or the Ogden6. Fuck the Connecticut Darien. The Illinois Darien rocks.
Louisiana: panics at the sight of snow and work get's cancelled

Darien, Illinois: it snows during spring break.

by jbauer1506 January 22, 2009
A town in Connecticut. Darien is steriotyped to be a filthy rich prep town, but not all of it is. That reputation belongs to Potomac, Maryland thank you very much.
girl from Darien: Hi! I play lacrosse and I'm a rich prep.
girl from Potomac: Psh- yeah right. You don't have a ribbon in your hair and your family only owns two cars. Try again, and next time wear some Juicy.
by DarienisntPotomac February 16, 2009
hi, i currently live in darien, and just thought i'd give my two cents to the world at large, so far, the closest definition i've read is number 7. yes, there are those in darien who are rich, and then there are those who live in government substidized housing, aka allen o'neil area... yes, we also have the preppies, which are in reality the greater 75% of the kids who attend our public schools. These kids do drive their nice ass SUV"s to school, with their popped collars and their blasting crappy rap music (not that rap music sucks, they just have shitty taste). In reference to drugs, the kids in darien simply put get ripped the f*** off. They pay exorburant amounts for drugs that proably aren't what' they're being told they're getting, and sure as hell aren't the weight they're being quoted as given. That being said, darien teens can hold their alchohol, they know how to drink, and they drink alot. I know plenty of kids i go to school with who start off their morning routine with a couple shots of vodka and a swig or two of whiskey, it's sad to be honest, the amount of alchohl that these kids drink. To finish off my tweaking rant about this crappy town, all i can say is that NO it is not a good place to raise your kids. We do have good education, but if you ever want your kid to be happy or fulfilled with his or her life, do not, i repeat, do not settle down here. you will regret it when your kid goes to brown on a lacrosse scholarship only to get kicked out for cocaine use. and yes, it's true, the only thing the cops have to do around here is bust teenage drinking parties, if anyone from darien reads this, you'll know of a particular story that occured at the beginning of 2005 school year, pertaining to a certain for sale house. tragically, as a result of said incident, the only reallly cool person in darien was forced to move to new york. bummer, anyway, peace
an example of a typical darien high school male:

the average high school male will probably be a member of the DHS football team, which really really sucks, also, odds say that he will play hockey in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. This guy will lift weights, but only his arms and chest, as he sees no reason to do anything else, and he'll pick on little freshman, even though most freshman are cooler than any senior. On the weekends, he'll go tanning at the toekeneke tanning salon... cause he's so macho with his "huge" biceps. After a good afternoon of fake tanning, him and his new orange skin will drive his rimmed out SUV to his friends mcmansion to get piss drunk and pass out.
by john da magic man August 29, 2006
Darien is a small town that has a populatio of nice and preppy people. I should know because my friends and I are one of those nice people. Not all people in Darien are rich and drink alcohol. The only reason we wear brands such as polo, juicy,vinyard vines,ect. is becuase we care about how we come across to other people. It's called pride. Most of us have extremly good grades and don't go to collage on just sports scholarships becasue we actually work for the grades and many peoples goals are to get into collages like princton, harvard, and other good collages. It has nothing to do with donating money. And not ALL of our houses are on the water. And we dont all have over sized SUVS, ever heard pollution? I've seen plenty of other cars, such as mercedes, Jeeps, mini coopers, and even a few not so nice cars.And their not all blue either, for example mine is silver, and I've seen a lot red and yellow and green cars too. And maybe some of the houses are close together but thats only because we have to make room for all the people to live here because so many people want live in such a friendly town. We shop at the Darien Sport shop only because they have the best clothes and those clothes are the latest style. Nobody wants to be left out!!! And noone shops at target, come on! And the Stepford Wives was filmed here I know the house it was filmed in and i know some of the extras in the movie, they wanted real darieners. Also a soon to be movie is comming out that ws filmed here on Prospect starring Uma Therman. So think twice before you diss us. know your facts. By the way we are the leading unicef donator in the country so we give back what we get about 44,000$ from just the middleschool alone! Beat That Norwalk, Greeenwich, and Stanford!!!!!
"Lets go to The Darien Sport Shop today and buy a vera Bradley pencil case, some polos, and ecpeccially my favorite Juicy Catour!"
by Niki S November 07, 2006
A town located in Southern Connecticut, bordered between Stamford & Norwalk. Public school townies try to look like what they believe elite prep school students look like. But instead of classic, conservative and traditional clothing in navy blue, red, etc...., many of Darien's residents wear pink and green thinking this color combination is somehow preppy and not Palm Beach if worn in the Northeast. Most true "preppies" call and consider these wannabe preppy Darien residents "townies" and make fun of them for trying to pretend to be from old families or from any sort of prepatory related culture (most residents are second generation Italians and Irish, and not fourth generation WASPs). Darien residents trying to be preppy are much like ghetto head-to-toe Louis Vuitton clad urbanites: too much and trying to hard.
Just as rap stars wear to many designer logos, the residents of Darien wear pink and green in an attempt to be preppy.
by Tiff Matheiuson June 14, 2007
Darien is a little town in Fairfield County where everyone looks and acts alike. All the moms drive around in suburbans with those ridiculous Blue Wave stickers that everyone in Stamford and Norwalk laughs at.
Basically, I'd rather live in the middle of Harlem then in Darien where everyone is a exactly alike and can not think for themselves. Everyones to busy worrying about what everyone else has and is doing.
Darien is so fake it makes Pamela Anderson's boobs look real.
by Torri March 05, 2006
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