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A small city in CT filled with people who think they mean the world to everyone else. I live in darien, it sucks. But first of all not all of us are stuck up. There are a few, and I do mean few, good hearted people. But only a few. Most of what people think about bmw's being everywhere and people being brats is actually true, yaa it's depressing.

B: hey where u from, im from ny
A: oh thats sweet, im from darien
B:....ohh..darien, ya i heard of that place, u all snobby bi.tches huH?
A: ya most of us, not all tho
by hateonitnowornever January 20, 2011
1) used when someone is so virginic looking that people/their friends must take it to the next level and sexify him/her. Sort of like dress them up but sex them up

2) like hit me up except like hit me up and we'll have sex
1) ex:

"omgg sarah dresses like a pilgrim, we seriously needa sex that chick up"


Krista: "So chris you still free tonight?"
Chris: "yaa"
Krista: "k cool, if you find yourself getting bored...sex me up"
by hateonitnowornever February 14, 2011

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