Darien is a small town in southwest Connecticut. Some people wear alot of vineyard vines, lily, and polo. Though some dont wear labels and could care less about what they wear. I am from darien and I am defending my town. We are one of the top Unicef givers and we give to many charities. Quit dissing Darien. Its a sick town that you wish you could live in. THe car thing isnt true. BMWs arent at every corner. I might see 3 a day max. Why dont you visit darien b4 you start commenting. GO BLUE WAVE
What did you do while you were in darien, Kelly?
Emily and I helped out with this charity, did some light shopping, and had smoothies at Robeks.
by BAT007 October 27, 2007
Darien is a small town in southern connecticut. It is home to probably the richest people in the state of Connecticut, and maybe even new England. The parents usually work as the heads of massive corporations, and are envied by many other towns, such as new Canaan and Greenwich. The teenagers in Darien always excel in various sports, such as lacrosse, basketball, softball/baseball, swimming, and soccer. There are zero homes in Darien worth less than 600,000$, and most of them are waterfront. It is basically the life every single person has dreamed of, with the best public and private school system in the country, and with all the high school student graduates getting accepted into top ivy league colleges, despite the drinking house parties that are probably the best house parties anyone could ever dream of having. In conclusion, Darien is one of the top towns in the country, and probably everyone who knows about it has once dreamed of living there.
Blake: hi, where are you from?
Tyler: oh, Darien. You?
Blake: lucky dog.
Tyler: yeah, it's pretty nice.
Blake: I wish I lived like you guys.
by Darien chick October 30, 2011
Lacrosse Capital of America
Laxer Bro 1: I was reading Lacrosse magazine and there was an article about Darien, CT was the lacrosse capital of USA

New Canaan Laxer Bro: Fuckin DBaggers. We can beat them in football, but not hockey.
by nogalog May 27, 2009
A town in Connecticut that claims they are filthy rich, preppy and the best at lacrosse. Although, if they came to Maryland (specifically Potomac) would be amazed of how they are actually just upper-middle class. The Connecticut wannabes should come a little down south and see what real wealth and class is. Also, Maryland/DC is home to the top prep schools in the US which are usually ranked 1 or in the top 5 for high school lax. Schools such as Landon, Bullis, Boys Latin, Loyola Blakefield, Georgetown Prep and Gonzaga etc.
Darien kid: I got a 2400 on my SAT and got into Princeton

Potomac kid: Did I take that test? Fuck it, I'm still going
by AnonymousPhil October 16, 2013
noun: 1. A nice place to live 2. The thriving urban center of the southwest suburbs culminating at the cultural nexus of 75th Street and Cass Avenue. Often used to generalize the area including Willowbrook, Woodridge and Darien itself. Popular activities include going to Jewel, eating beef sandwiches and underage drinking.

adverb: nothing to do, having soul crushing boredom, life itself
noun: "It's too far to drive to the city, lets just stay in Darien."

adverb: "What are you up to tonight, Lester?" "Dude- Darien."
by CHELmonster May 22, 2011
Darien is a small town in Conneticut. Most teenagers belong to wealthy families.

Darien girls who have money and parents that buy them nice things are mostly bitches. The town has some down to earth teenagers who just like to hang out at each others houses. 4/10 families have children who are very nice and respectable. 1/10 families have their children work every weekend stacking wood,building fires, "volunteering" as waitresses at church events.

Darien has some wild parties but also some are lame. Some Darien kids go to Stamford to go to a movie since Darien has 1 movie theater which shows only 2 movies at a time.

Darien has been a popular location for movies that need a rich suburban town
by Darien Girl January 23, 2009
Trendy mufucka with dope ass swag, nobody can copy his style , usually is a genius in school , & raps better than your favorite rapper.. & oh you can also call him "Mr. Steal your girl"
Girl: omg have you met Darien yet?
Other girl: no why?

Girl: because he's fucking amazing
by asians! December 07, 2013

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