A small town established in the late 1700's, it used to be named Middlesex Parish after the Church, today called First Congregational. During the Revolution, Tories raided the town several times, once taking 27 hostages including the minister. Later, Middlesex Parish was renamed Darien after Darien, Panama. Some famous residents include the drummer from Kiss, the general Manager of the Yankees, and a news anchor from popular show, 60 minutes. Darien also currently has the largest Little League in the country and the Darien library was rated 6 best in the country. Our little town, the second smallest in CT, is full of history, and if you take the time to know us, you will see that we are kind, hard-working people. LIke every other town we have our ups and downs, but judge us fairly, without the prejudice.
Shannon: Darien sucks, everyone is rich and spoiled.
Carter: Have you ever been to Darien and met the people?
Shannon: ...no
Carter: Then you don't have the right to judge us that way.
by BWPdarien July 29, 2011
A (beautiful) small town in connecticut that gets negative comments because it is wealthier than most places in the country. Darien is full of smart and amazing people, and many end up going to an (IVEY league) school. People in Darien treat themselves well, they shop when they want new clothes, and go out when they want to go out. But Darien is NOT in a bubble, and is NOT where high schoolers go to rehab. Many Darienites are very successful and end up living in Darien when they are older. Darien has 5 country clubs that are either on the water, or have (amazing) golf courses. Darienites shouldn't be critiqued for their (wealth) and cash because they all worked for it, it didn't just come to them. People who want to be mean to Darien are just (jealous).
Karen: Hey, I love ur new rock and rep. jeans!
Emily: Thanks! I got 5 pairs in the city yesterday. And a new pair of tory burch flip flops, special edition.
Karen: Nice, me and Tommy went to that new restaurant in town by Holly Pond.
Emily: Cool! Was the food good?
Karen: It was delicious, and inexpensive. Only 295$ for the lobster!
Emily: Wow, thats a great price, considering we live in Darien!
by fairytopia grl April 25, 2009
Darien is an italian mutt with dark hair, long eyelashes, and dreamy eyes to get lost in. who is beautiful and cares for many, usually comes from a big family, tends to act like her older sister, she is fun and knows how to make people laugh, she is sexy and filled with love. She will drop the nonsence at any moment, shape up, use her brains and help out, she can be very protective and sensitive at the same time, you'll be a very lucky soul to know this girl, so don't ruin it.
Dude! I found an awesome girl, she is a real Darien
by Darlinary July 14, 2011
A fucking pimp that fucks every hot bitch in the club
That Darien over there has a tight lid.
by TheNiggaThatFucks November 29, 2011
Darien is a small town in Connecticut known for its population of preppy teenagers who insisit on popping their collars, wearing uggs boots with mini skirts and driving Jeep Grand Cherokees in various shades of blue. On weekends, Darieners often find themselves taking road trips to Portchester, NY or "pocho" because it is the only place that will really sell them beer. Then they go to lame house parties which are broken up by the police in less than hour because the entire police force has nothing better to do than break up teenage drinking parties; Darien doesn't haev real crime, only places like Stamford or Norwalk do. When they do travel to such "ghettoes" they listen to their rap music (50 cent) too loud and lock their car doors in fear of getting mugged. D-baggers, or Darieners are outrageously wealthy and every teenager's dream. They live a fantasy life in a bubble unlike anywhere else. Their waterfront property with the oversized SUVs in the driveway is home to them and even when they say they hate it, they love it, they eat it up and wish they could return whenever they leave. Darieners, despite their lacking sense of reality, have more pride than New Canaan and Greenwich combined (and more money too!)
The Darieners wore popped collars and Hadley Pollet belts to the game, knowing that all the hottest lax players would be ripping it up on the field that morning, despite their wicked hang overs from the house party the night before.
by Kelsey March 10, 2005
A usually tall, tan, blonde, blue-eyed girl thats absolutely beautiful. She is an All-American girl-next-door type of girl, with great dreams. She is a friend you would want to have. She is the type of girl to bring home to mommy & daddy to impress. She is usually great in bed too.
Boy 1: "Look, its Darien!"
Girl: "She is so sweet, I love her!"
Boy 2: "I want her to be mine."
by TheRealDeal12321 July 23, 2011
Normally a big black man but on occasion Dariens are some of the most beastly white men around.Usually arent bad looking and carry themselves very well. Can be moody but if you catch em on the right day they're chill as hell but if its not one of those days, watch out
You know Darien right?
Nah what is he black?
Haha nah hes a big ass white boy
by Swagggga February 22, 2009

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