walking funny or with a limp
"This mac-11 makes me walk with a crazy dap"
by Tony C. December 19, 2005
An acronym meaning Dumb as Possible
Person2: ...Ok that was DAP
by DarkShadowST June 05, 2005
Uk slang, northern. A soft topped sports shoe. A plimsol. Also called gallosher, pump or loppie in other parts of the UK
Eee, gotta go doon shop and buy some dap's furt lad t' go t'school with.
by black flag May 29, 2004
"dignity and pride". involves some form of handshake
"dap me up, where you been?"
by whsnum1 May 23, 2009
the knocking of fist in the most nerdiest way possible
"What is up Melvin? WoW tonight? Swell, let's dap it up."

"Yo Kane, what it do big homie? Dap me up nigga!"

"WTF? does dis nigga think he is a blood?! I aint seen dat nigga dap it once during his initiation. Kill dis dapless dapping mafucka!"

by Galbert-Kun April 06, 2009
Yet another term used for marijuana. Created by the barf crew in Olean, NY. Sprouting from our habit to change "o's" in words to "a's"
dope dap get it?
ME : "Yo kat you got any dap?"

You : "Yeah man let's roll one up."
by Lucas Campbellas January 11, 2009
Quite obviously, this stands for Deceased Amoeba Party.
The souls of the millions of amoeba that die needlessly everyday enjoy their wait for the final judgement, by the Great Amoeba God, at the Deceased Amoeba Party (DAP).
by robenk January 19, 2007

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