Deep Anal Penetration

To be completely dominated. Other entries include own, pwn, ream.
I got completely DAPPED playing Halo with Steve yesterday.

That exam totally dapped me!
by Vi-La August 14, 2005
1 adj. stylish; well-dressed. short for dapper
2 adj. Aware; up-t-date. A Jazz Lexicon.
You want somebody to know aman is sharp, is au reet, you say he's dap
by Tom Miller May 01, 2004
replaces any verb in the english language, particularly when a verb cannot be remembered in the case of the speaker.
"Yo can I dap up that drink?"
"I'll dap you up later on the cell."
"I totally dapped up that chick yesterday."
"It's your turn to dap up the bill."
"Hey meng, you better dap up the 9-1-1 or this guy is going to die."
"I'm sorry officer, I neglected to dap up the sign."
by QU1KTR1GRMCN1GR January 24, 2010
smokeable drug
man go get me some dap, my throat feel weird with out smoke.
by cash and chicks January 03, 2010
"DAP" Meaning cool or to be feeling sick..Its pronounced how it sounds

Example :
Exmaple 1 :

John - I got a new bike *shows bike*


Example 2 :

John - Man I'm feeling dap

Carl - *gets erection* i hope u feel better I'm in the middle of something though
by ImYoCreator July 28, 2009
An acronym meaning Dumb as Possible
Person2: ...Ok that was DAP
by DarkShadowST June 05, 2005
Uk slang, northern. A soft topped sports shoe. A plimsol. Also called gallosher, pump or loppie in other parts of the UK
Eee, gotta go doon shop and buy some dap's furt lad t' go t'school with.
by black flag May 29, 2004

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